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My computer will download the file but it wont allow it to install.

my computer has slowed down a lot~

My Computer is Running EXTREMELY SLOW! Hijacked Log

Ive been Hijacked and really need help.

My computer keeps downloading nonstop

Is my PC secure

How do i chang the shortcuts on my computer?

something wrong with my pc

Completely hijacked

Symantec online virus scan says that I'm infected.

My Computer is slow and I've been attacked before.

Whats wrong with my computer

PC crashes; Have to manually power off

My Computer

Something is almost like controlling my computer

My computer shuts down instantaneously

My computer has been taken over please HELP

Help PC keeps freezing.

my pictures opening slowly xp

Computer Plays Random Music And Random people talking

Please Help! I think My computer has been hacked

plz help laptop has been completely hijacked

Vista Admin Hijacked By Unknown Hacker

What's going on with my computer.?

Computer Freezing a lot

please help me with my computer problem

My Computer is running very slow please check my logs

My computer is very messed up.

Something is trying to invade my pc

Problems logging into my computer without being logged out.

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