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Browser re-directs. Spybot wont run

49 Infected Files! Did not delete all. Help!

I have two boot drives in Windows 7 and need to change it to one. Is the rig

Some sort of incompatability with steam?

removing software

How to get rid of this?

multiple viruses/malware need advice

[email protected] and Trojan.spamforo keep poping up

Improving PC Speed

Please Help me clean this PC

Can't shut down computer after removing malware

Always small icons in Game Explorer

how to remove zapchast.reg

Hjt New Guy Needs Help

Can an air card be damaged by infected PC

I have too many viruses

computer freezing after trojan removal

d/l files corrupted

Drawing a line with Publisher 10

Girlfriend's hotmail account hacked

Dual View WMP -- With rotated screen

unwanted popups and icons on desktop

Internet Explorer Clicks open Unwanted Sites

Save my lappy please

Getting rid of everything on my HDD

Virus attacked windows services on laptop

Cannot Open Downloaded Files

Please Help! Malware problem!

Installed a new SSD

windows does not recognize files downloaded from freebookspot

7/22 HiJack Scan

A log from a friends com

How to format a laptop without the recovery disc that came with it?

Can somone check my log?

unwanted tool bars

After installing a SSD

Uploading images into the forum

plz help me save pics so i can reformatt!

2 installations of XP after deleting partition?

Multiple OS's on one HD?

Virtual Drive has taken over my DVD R/W drive

remote desktop to manage parents' PC?

New Windos install?

Acer E11 111M forgotten password

Need help on reformatting a Laptop

Networking over a wireless router

clean up laptop / make it run smoother

Slow Computer Am I Clean

Hardwire laptop to get internet

Please check for malware

Keylogger problems.

Com'on guys someone has to know?

vista tohiba

Transfer only D (recovery partition) to new hard drive on Windows XP sp3 Emachine

Two boot choices

How to Delete Failed Win XP Installation ?

when running virus scan

Annoying Pop-ups

I think a previously removed virus/malware may have returned!.

Looking for password tracking software for Firefox

Worm virus found in Autorun.int file on USB drive

Getting back lost emails

Booting up problem- weird text output on screen

removing this malware slows computer

Reimaging help!

Virus problem?

How to delete items found by ESET scan

how to make xp fast as possible

Fixing a computer

How to tell isomeone is stealing a wireless signal?

can't launch Wireless Link tool in Control Panel

Turn off Norton

Possible rootkit?

How to keep computer like new?

how to close a port

Wiping Toshiba

Got my new RAM from RMA and experienced BSOD

Default program--how to change

Vile popups persist: WinXP/IE6 - help please.

Recover Deleted Browsing History

My computer has the word VIRUS ALERT beside the time and i cant get rid of da virus

RAM-related BlueScreen?

Going to reformat unless help arrives

Please Help! I have lost all my Mails! :s

Automatic Updates Won't Turn on And I'm getting alot of popups. Please Help!

Corrupt Flashdisk problem--Mp3 Recover?

Online Security Guide Spyware/Malware Help

Malicious Ad for Spyware clnr- TaskMgr button greyed out


Not sure if virus

Computer Cleaning Question

Post-Virus/SpyWare Damage Problem

Closing an IP connection

Help please! My computer was infected w/darksma and nuwar b

problem with 2 os's

Restoring my Computer

HELP cnat get rid of ad pop ups

help removing offeroptimizer and other annoying popups

Help w Virus

Disabling internet in user account

disable firewall?

Possible malware causes file deletions/slow PC

How to move "Application Data" to a second (internal) drive?

stubborn malware/spyware problems

System Tool Infection - please help

virus help.i am useless at this!

Computer acting weird-adding files on its own - Virus or spyware?

reformating xp laptop with no cd rom

Need help removing tons of spyware/malware

Serious trojan problems please help

Remote Access while on different networks

How to remove XP Shield?

Can you combine 2 short videos into 1 using WLMM

This program was run on my pc

I think I got rid of my virus

How to change packets to bytes in XP

Wont Boot-SystemRoot error !

Programs forced shut

Help malware or virus?

Sharing user accounts between my desktop and laptop

Suspect Spyware/Malware

Beset with pop-ups - Please help

How to send emails with big list of emails

stopping unwanted launching of a program

I Need Help Clean My Wallpaper

share printer on wireless network

Possible Keylogger Stealing CC info?

Data On Ram - How To Clear It

Burning a VCD.

removal of partial windows installation

Resume a Successfully Downloaded Incomplete File from Resume supported Website.

Nero used to work

Help pc virus!

Undetectible spyware. pliz help.

unwanted web page

windows xp and vista backup

Laptop has becoming considerably slow recently

Lots of Malware-need help

Problem with regards to reformatting windows 7 ACER 5736z (someone help me please?)

how to get bluetooth in my computer

Is it possible to format a dvd-r for reuse?

Installing XP on a VISTA based compaq PC prob.

Variety of crashes (BSOD's

How to remove ISTsvc.exe?

Wikis not formatting properly.

Working on fixing computer virus

IE popups while using Foxfire

Google/Yahoo Redirect Virus

Connecting a Console to a PC Monitor

Don't know how to get rid of popups.

video stop and start/slow buffering/ loading

How to Remove Scan.scannerantispyware/10299/3

VERY Annoying Adware.please help

how to format any drive without loosing any data

Address Book Back-up?

how to delete history in mozilla firefox?

Popups with redirect (Erradicate this issue?)

(Scans) of my possible key logger.

i think i am infected with a virus.

A little spyware I'm having trouble with.

Win Xp SP2 problem with Virus and Malware pop-ups

PC reboots when deleting any file

Media Player Vertical Adjustment

Adware all over my browsers

having major spyware issues

Blue tool bar at bottom & ads1.revenue - YOU WON'T BELIEVE THIS

Please Help Suspected Trojan and Spyware

How to Lock Windows.

IE/ Firefox Search Results Lead to Different Site When Clicked On

Virus & Malware Help

my hyperlinks get forwarded to ads.*ANNOYING*

A very very infected computer returns

Hard drive just keeps working and working - I'm I infected?

Computer is running slow and I am getting Internet Explorer Pop-ups

Help needed: slower internet access with popups

can a trojan interfere with the reboot of a computer in safe mode?

Completely Erase Computer !

OS install?

History in my address bar keeps reappearing

how to tell what a website uses flash/silverlight etc?

how to remove an entry in the "dial up and vpn" section

Please help remove this virus from my computer

Suspect Malware/Trojan

Combining Paritions?

finishing the conversation.

Ghost problem with installing Win XP

How can I get my music and pictures back

Ad popups/spyware/who knows what :(

How to read this highjack log?

How do you clear internet browser search suggestions?

Virus/Malware which affects browsing and windows stability

Computer Runs Slow/Random Popups/And A Lot More

IE Window pops up with advertisements

Strange internet problems - Malware suspected

How do I get rid of MyStart

Boot from CD:

AntiVirus 360 Removal - Help Please.

windows is starting up.

trojan help i could only get on scan finished

Ethernet Jack Problem

Proper scans here. thank you.

popups that lead to random sites

Removing hyphens

get rid of a virus on laptop

Infected computor

Computer Infected

Cannot share between two home computers on same network

Can't get rid of the toolbar !

colors missing on internet correct on local programs


Suspected Trojan / Spyware

Factory Restore.

HJT - Virus/Malware not fully removed?

Need help with malware on computer

Constant Pop-Ups & Very Infected System

google/yahoo results hijacked

Need Help with Setting up a Wireless Connection

How to Return to Windows 8 from Having Windows 10?

How to make XP system solid-rock stable

How to Print from Windows 7 through Windows XP

Close unwanted ports

Ad Popups in IE occuring

How do I unlock C: Drive on Windows XP ?

Programs not executing properly. Virus?

Infected Laptop

Please Help Search Redirect and Help site Block

Unwanted ads forever popping up

finding FTP files

supect virus in system

Slowdown from VIRII & Malware

HELP! Laptop extremely slow

How to cut & paste on a Latitude D600

Oh pop-ups! I cannot get rid of them! Help me? Please?

MS Office docs disappeared but nothing else

Malware/Virus Help Please

Adware/Virus Problems in Log

Redirecting Issues

raw (dynamici) recovery to NTFS

2 Video Driver On one os?

deleting one of 2 os's

Virus Prevented Net access - may be keylogging

How to mute a USB microphone in Windows 81

Constant Pop-ups & Random Programs trying to access internet

XP and VISTA on same HDD Vista files invisible

Help about encrypted document

exe is being blocked by your firewall

Installing new os .

Adware/Malware popups

Files and shortcuts cannot be found

Help with streaming video content

Possible malware/virus or a connection problem?

NO Admin rights lXP Home

Something is wiping out my folders/files

How to make font bigger on windows 7?

Wireless connection issues

How to get rid of these icons

Prc viewer keeps popping up

how to delete vista welcome center?

Speaker balance problem in XP

Fixing without an XP CD

Recovery Disk Cracked Beyond Repair

Blue filenames in Windows Explorer?

Facebook Add Work Problem

New windows popping up and PC running slow

How To Repair Files That corrupted By Trojan

How to make a file undeletable?

Laptop Win2K: No Add/Remove Programs - No Windows Update

acer aspire 1691 hibination problem.

Copying large no of files from DVD

Processor Failure

IE pop-ups in both Firefox and IE Explorer

Please help: Virus left on comp?

BIOS checking

virus attack after firewall and antiV. is disabled.

Propably i have infected pc plz help me.

The uninstalled virus protection is still hidden

Firefox prevents hotmail login

how to remove a second copy of xppro

Transfering software from hard drive

How to remove the windows vista aero shadows from the windows!?

how to play AivX

Can i create new partition from C Drive?

IE Crashes - System affected by trojan

Infected PC

possible malware/ slow system

Dual Operating systems

How to get display to stretch to fit entire monitor screen? (Windows 7)?

Suspiccion of a keylogger

Possible Windows Vista Infection

Laptop XP CD on Desktop

Boot up problem solved by removing ram. next step?

Can't get rid of a Chinese Popup

deleting or accessing restricted file

spyware keeps poping up

antivirus 360 removal

Corrupt jpg images - at wits end!

Text Box blocking webpage

completely invisible internet rerouter

checkdisk utility

I'm Keylogged

2 Computers doing the same thing.

HELP! I Have a Virus!

windows vista virus or something

Can you link a laptop with a PC

How to boot my computer from CD?

System Recovery + D-Link

Spyware Here Please Help!

Constant pop-ups

Laptop keeps getting infected - HELP!

Help with virus

Desperately seeking help ridding Virus/Trojan/Spyware/Rootkit

DEsktop view changed

google search redirects

Virus Disabling Antivirus Programs!

Home Edition - How to do repairs without the cd?

Virus infected need to format! No back up.

remove boot_interprocess file

Constant pop-ups in IE and slow system

help networking 2 computers 15 minutes from each other

Please help me stop pop-ups and ads!


Web browsing with command prompt?

How to change default burner?

Block outside access to IE

Help needed with removal of RIGHTONADZ Pop-Ups! PLEASE!

Lost Video in XP

Have I been rootkitted? Remote Access on for Vista?

XP Pro blocked by Windows 7

Need Help Clearing Out Spyware/Adware

Lag in Games

How to turn off windows firewall?

How do I backup?

usb modem help

how do I remove the automatic addresses the address bar tries to suggest?

Revo Uninstaller messed up my pc

malware / popups windows XP

Automatic Forwarding of Emails in Outlook

How do I bypass the system password prompt

Unwanted toolbar options

need help installing nas on network

Need help with slow internet

Reformatting Windows

how to use hijacjk this

Factory Reset or Windows Reinstall.

Constant page re-directing and trojan horse

Entire system acts like it needs gas medication!

how can i unblock my computer?

Machine slowing down

Spyware. computer slow.

Can't get programs to Auto Start.

Computer severley infected

removing mail forwarding from a pc

preventing device discovery

constantly uploading and downloading

Synaptics touchpad - Cant turn off

Backup hardrive

Getting into my locked WiFi on 7

Firefox question about tabs opening

automatic loading of software at startup

Malware freezing pc

Opera using Explorers Javascript?

Copying music CD with Nero 9.

aprotectedpage is persistent

Virus I thought was fully removed but noticing new symptoms

Remove 2nd Windows 7 selection on boot

on laptop

HELP! Excessive Popups on Startup

Potential malware in the computer

DLL Problems

Downloading Saved Mail

Malware runing my network

my computer is screwing up badly

Random popups IE 7.0 and Firefox

Deleted default os

Can someone help me understand my SpeedFan readings

various spyware

Random pop-ups with Firefox and IE

zip files in fonts directory

Virus infection on XP computer

I think i might have malware

Reinstallation On Laptop

Severe computer problem.

Just wiped comp

How to Disable Proxy Servers?

hijack this log - tried other remedies -pls help

Spyware problems need help

mp3 connection

Programs start at boot. How to stop them?

Microphone Static?

dll not found message upon startup.

How to enable/disable touchpad mouse?

Possible Hacker.

Unable To Access Run Box

How do I uninstall my video and sound?

Need help ASAP! How do you make a bootable disk using Nero?

Computer messed up and infected!

ie7 save WP in localhost

constant blank popups

Easy-Search Hijacker

XP holding my programs in the background

Computer Will Not Allow Reformat

how do I merge two partitions?

Can't Over Write files in folders with Vista

How to Install Windows 7 on SSD and all Data on HDD?

Random explosions of popups and shutdowns

System32/rdriv virus I can't destroy! PLEASE HELP!

Better off keeping the viruses?

How do I create links

Can't get rid of popups on XP. 5 steps complete

How to add content on a Squidoo Lens?

Removed the English language from my computer

luckysearches.com can't be removed

Malware on laptop

Cant uninstall and won't install.

another question about the 6 random letters process

autorun.inf trojan

Try to get rid of these websites form popping up

Setting Up A Local Network

Allow access to a program from limited account

Computer Likely Infected

scrubbing my hard drive?cleaning up a mess

Virus and Pop-ups from adware

Ram upgrade on laptop

MAJOR Spyware problems.

wireless internet connection problem

Unstable popups

BOSD too frequently

Infected Computer Windows Update Keeps Loading Malware / Trojans

HELP! My PC Infected!

how to disable speaker while listening to headphones on pc?

pc infected

L/R Audio swapped on all output

I can't disable McAfee to start the first steps!

help required to removing harmful files

Complete Delete

Need help reformatting windows!

HELP cant install xp

Does Windows play MP4 files by default?

HJT Log Attached - Unwanted tool bar

I had a malware problem. I think its gone but I just wanna be sure. HJT in here!

Virus still on my comp

Something Sucking my bandwidth


incoming traffic is to be blocked in vista how to block it

Possible Malware infection on my Usb Drive. Frustrating!

how to prevent terminal from closing

XP hard drive recovery

Wireless Printer Please Help Me!

Windows firewall -- can it be turned off w/o my knowledge?

Spyware in Hardware

Possible infection hidden in W7 update.

Help!redirects search to different file path

How to set 10 days' worth e-mails with spare PC/Win 7?

is this malware or a good file for xp

usb enabling on a pc?

trojan probs

Redirects on search engines and Windows antivirus pro popups. HELP!

Recover Files Deleted By 'Ctrl + Z' Undo

Partition New Drive

Hard disk folders turned into shortcuts

Reformatting Windows XP

bluetooth connection

New to this site - Have alot of popups

canĀ“t burn MP3 tags

Ads keep popping up

Keep copy of OS and Factory Restore

Is my Computer Infected with Malware?

Looking for help to get rid of a virus/spyware

Virus prevents me from visiting microsoft homepage and windows update

Disabling administrator password

Problem connection to wireless intrenet at home

Services Window Small Text

Unwanted pop-up while shuting down the pc

Please help identify this file and directory! Is it keylogger?

Vista won't boot- need to recover important files!

how to use my full installed ram?

Windows7 Outlook 2007 Junk file is non-junk.

Vista Reformat Help Needed

Possible virus - need help!

How do I Reboot my laptop without a Windows installation CD?

Infected with lot of spyware

How to download a file with IE without storing it first to the cache?

need help getting rid of virus on my computer

Webpages out of screen

How to boot Windows Xp and Linux Redhat on LG laptop

safesear.ch help

Access an XP hard drive on vista system

Reformat Windows XP

scandisk in win XP won't stop

How to downgrade from Vista back to XP

stopping the evil norton

Need help connecting to internet

OS-time of installation

Slow Streaming Video

Need Help Immediatley--My laptop has tons of Malware.

i have a lot of viruses in my computer

DOS to WinXP?

Dual Monitor w/ Asus mobo

installing fonts?

Removing stopguard.com pop-ups

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