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Task Manager CPU Utilization at 100%

Processoe usage very high

Trojan Horse Generic15.AVLU svchost.exe Infecting my XP System - HELP!? Revised

cpu usage over 70% on idle .

CPU goes to 100% when using internet

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CPU is going way too high

superweird 100% cpu problem

High CPU Usage after start

High cpu usage %

JPG Files Maxing out CPU usage

Skype hogging my CPU

Major processor lag at points. virus suspected

Explorer.exe uses a lot of CPU usage and memory

Mozilla - 0% CPU usage

I think this is a virus. Drops CPU Usage to 0% and Freezes with internet disconnect

Another cpu% running high.Please help.

IE Taking 99% CPU [Moved to HJT forum]

Why is my CPU Usage always so high?

Huge CPU and slow internet

Laptop CPU Usage is out of control! Lagging!

HUGE cpu surge- for no reason?

CPU Usage off the Scale

High CPU use all the time

High CPU Usage for 'Nothing'

CPU usage 100%; computer unusable; GMER not functioning properly x64 Windows7

CPU is showing multiple usage percentages?

Unusal CPU activity

100% pc usage ans slow plz help

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