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Constant lockups

Computer Freezes When Using Opera

Random BSODS/freezing

Freezing and locking up

Computer randomly freezes during gameplay

Computer freezes!

Video files freeze XP

Computer Freezes And Audio Stutters PLEASE HELP

pc freezing up. help please!

Windows freezes during boot up

Laptop freezes when downloading!

Desktop starts but everything is frozen

Strange PC Freezing

Program freezes

Programs crash with sound

HELP. random freezes!

Crashes in game and YouTube only

Computer freezes for a while after start

System freezes on start-up

Computer Freezes if Ethernet Cable is Plugged In

Computer frezes when connecting to internet

Computer freezes when connect to internet

Computer freezes when I plug in my modem

Freezing when display shuts off?

computer freezes at times

Computer Freezes on Shutdown - Help!

XP freezes on lauching a program

BSOD's and Freezing please help!

PC Monitor Freezes

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